5 Great Restaurants Near West Glacier


Glacier National Park’s west entrance is a gateway to wild natural spaces, but you’ll find a whole lot of tasty eats in the area in spite of the remote feel. And by spending your dollars in these gateway communities to support small businesses, you can help give back to the area we all love so much. The best part? It’s mighty tasty, too. Here are five of our favorite spots around the town of West Glacier.

Backslope Brewing

Columbia Falls is 30 minutes from West Glacier, but in Montana that’s basically right around the corner. And when you stay in a gateway community like Bigfork or Columbia Falls, you get easy access to some of the best eats around. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the food and brews at Backslope Brewing, the closest craft brewery to the park. And though their beers are the ones to beat, you don’t want to miss out on their menu of rice bowls, noodles and full flavor with global inspiration.

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Carolyn’s Cafe

In Hungry Horse, just 10 minutes from the park, Carolyn’s Cafe has been a staple of the Glacier food scene for years. It’s about as local as it gets, with fresh huckleberry pie and a motto of “just good food.” Check in on their Facebook page for the most updated hours, since this homegrown operation depends on a tight staff and small kitchen during the busy season, and they take a winter break each year too.

The Stonefly Lounge

In Coram, Montana, just minutes from West Glacier, the Stonefly serves up classic grill bites in a relaxed atmosphere. They describe themselves as a groovy bar in the canyon, and this is the spot for live music and hearty eats. For night owls, this is the only place you can get late-night eats near Glacier, with summer hours stretching to 2 in the morning.

Josephine’s Speakeasy

As the cocktail bar associated with local distillery Glacier Distilling, Josephine’s Speakeasy is the place for a post-hike craft cocktail, plus tapas and weekly specials. Look for rotating dishes like meatballs, pulled pork, fresh salads, and meat and cheese plates. You’ll also find a special Temperance menu for those who want a delicious handcrafted drink without the alcohol.

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Dan d’Lion

Dan d’Lion is a rare stop among the bison burger–filled eateries and steakhouses common in Montana. For folks who eat plant-based or gluten-free, or anyone interested in some fresh flavor in tasty dishes, Dan d’Lion in Hungry Horse will do anything but leave you hungry. Their vegan huckleberry milkshake can let plant-based folks get in on the huck action, too. And vegan, organic, gluten-free pizza will hit the spot after a big day of hiking.

When you plan your trip to Glacier National Park, get into the food scene of Northwest Montana when you immerse yourself in a gateway community like Bigfork or Columbia Falls. It’s all about the journey, giving you easy access to the park itself, but also to the surrounding scenery and local favorites. Find your way to a Highline Adventures property for a comfortable stay that supports local businesses.