An Exciting Sustainable Food Effort in Kauai You Can Support


Nothing connects travelers to a place like embracing local foods. Purchasing directly from local farms and farmers markets puts dollars back into the community and supports small businesses while embracing sustainability. Mālama Kaua’i is a Kauai nonprofit that takes its job of connecting farmers and consumers seriously, all while giving back at the same time.

About the Organization

Mālama Kaua’i is a community food organization committed to giving back to Kauai through healthy and sustainable harvests. Through education, growth, harvest and giving, they help bring locally-grown food from the island to those who live there and visit too.

Their Mission

Mālama Kaua’i embraces three pillars of aloha ‘aina (love and connection to the land), community and culture in everything they do. By focusing on increasing local food production and access for Kauai, they support both farmers and locals who deserve access to fresh, healthy foods.

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Where to Shop Local

During your visit to the island, you can taste the flavors of local farmers and support the cause at the same time through your purchases. Their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bags bring farm-fresh foods to your table. During your stay, you can shop at the online Mālama Kaua’i store and select convenient pickup points around the island, many of which are markets that can connect you with more local eats.

Even if you aren’t craving fresh greens and juicy fruits, you could order up a fragrant bouquet to make you feel more at home in your accommodation. They offer delivery across the island, so you might be able to arrive at your island stay with fresh produce waiting.

How to Stay Involved Beyond Your Stay

Your community support doesn’t need to end when your return flight takes off. Here are a few ways to stay involved even once you head home.

Buy a Gift Card

You can buy a gift card to support a local family’s food purchase, or gift it to someone near and dear to you who intends to visit the island. It only takes $25 to bring a fresh produce delivery to someone’s doorstep.

Sponsor a Family

Go deeper than a one-off when you sponsor a family in need and contribute to their health and well being in a meaningful way. A sponsorship lets you know you’re making a difference as a CSA bag is delivered weekly to a family that needs it.

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Make a Donation

Feeling like doing more, or can’t afford to sponsor? A one-time donation can do a great amount to support Mālama Kaua’i’s operations for the long haul. Give back and help them continue on for years to come.

Attend a Webinar

Though in-person events have been suspended due to COVID-19, webinars make it easy to stay engaged and learn more about farming practices on the island. You can also enjoy online cooking tutorials to inject new life and inspiration to your kitchen’s everyday fare.

Follow Along on Social Media

Even a simple like and share can show your support for the cause and spread the message further. Get inspired by the @malama_kauai Instagram, or stay in touch on their Facebook page.

During your Kauai stay and wherever your travels take you, focus on sustainability as you purchase directly from farmers and farmers markets.

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