Best Runs at Whitefish Mountain Resort


Nothing says sustainable more than a day at the slopes: fresh air, appreciation for nature, and low consumption when you consider those electric-powered chair lifts. So when you make your Montana travel plans, you can’t go wrong with a day of skiing or snowboarding. When your path takes you to Big Mountain in Whitefish, you have plenty of terrain to explore. Here are the best runs for any level to ski and ride at Whitefish Mountain Resort.



On the back side, Caribou winds its way down the hill, taking you through open runs and along a bit of cat track too. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the north side without worrying whether you’ll make it down a blue run.

Home Again

Down the front side, Home Again takes you on a mountain tour. This cat track is a main arterial to get people from one side of the hill to the other, connecting to parking areas and private homes from the top of Chair 2. You can dip off to enjoy the green runs on Chair 3, or complete the tour when you wind up back at the Base Lodge.

											 Skiers heading downhill on Whitefish Mountain Resort



You know those sweet views posted to the resort Instagram that look too good to be true? Well, they’re not. On a bluebird day, Inspiration truly lives up to its name. The whole of the Flathead Valley stretches out beneath your feet, and it’s hard not to feel light and free as you carve your way down.

Bigfoot T-Bar

This is a lift, not a run, but the cluster of small trails around the t-bar is a great area for intermediate skiers to explore. It’s usually only open on weekends and holidays, so midweek skiers will have to pass for now. Shred Lodi Ridge or Lynx, or make your own way through the trees.


Ptarmigan Bowl

Whitefish doesn’t have much steep and open skiing, since its runs favor tree trails and powder stashes. But Ptarmigan Bowl on the front side is as good as it gets, especially on a bluebird day. This open bowl lets you pick your line and enjoy the full expanse of the hill, whether you’re lucky enough to score fresh tracks on the main section or you’re hunting for soft pillows in the open trees.

Glory Hole

Get into Hellroaring Basin and enjoy this long run that takes you through varied terrain. Take the opportunity to dip into the trees, or follow the relatively open run as it gets your legs burning and blood pumping in steeper pitches.

											 View from the top of Big Mountain at Whitefish Mountain Resort


Hellroaring Basin

While not a single run, this is the part of the mountain to explore for expert-level skiers. You can get into some deep powder, and enjoy cliffs and chutes in the front country.

Tree Trails

Make your own run and get into some of the tree skiing that Whitefish is famous for. With so much fog and plenty of socked-in days, sometimes getting into the trees is your best shot for good visibility too. Find some trees and drop in—you never know what stash you’ll stumble onto.

Where to Stay

Ski vacations can get expensive fast, but you don’t need to stay slopeside in order to be close enough to the mountain to catch the first chair. The cabins at Glacier Peaks RV Park in Columbia Falls make an affordable option when you visit in winter. And you get more for your money, too, with kitchenettes, private baths and some seclusion with space for yourself. Explore the available options, and get stoked for a Montana ski adventure.