Local Spots to Eat in Livingston, MT


Livingston’s dining options give residents and visitors a great way to support local businesses and enjoy a delicious meal in the process. With so many unique eats and menus that pay homage to Montana’s farming and ranching traditions, you can find a spot to invite you back for another breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. No matter the meal that has your stomach growling here’s where to grab a bite in Livingston.

The Murray Bar and Gil’s Goods

The Murray Bar—situated in a historic block of downtown Livingston that highlights food, theater and the arts—is the place to hang out. Craft brews made in Montana are on draft, and the atmosphere is lively.

But this is all about local spots to eat. Gil’s Goods, right next door to this historic bar, is a convenient spot to grab takeout to enjoy at the Murray Bar. Grab a bite for lunch or dinner from this popular eatery, and enjoy burgers, sandwiches and salads.

2nd Street Bistro

When you eat at 2nd Street Bistro, taste the care that goes into every dish. They take scratch-made to the next level, making every piece of each dish in-house. From baguettes to crime brûlée, they’re making it here with a nod to fine French cuisine, drawing in a taste of Montana with the freshest local ingredients.

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Faye’s Cafe

Raised in Livingston by her mother and grandmother, Sarah Faye, owner of Faye’s Cafe, has been bringing fresh breakfast and lunch to the town of Livingston since 2014. You give them an idea of what you’re in the mood for, whether it’s savory, sweet, gluten-free, or extra meat, and they’ll craft a dish just for you. If you love the family flavor from Faye’s, you can pick up their cookbook too.

Livingston Community Bakery

When you visit a community, your money has the power to do a lot of good for the area. That’s especially true when you support local businesses that give back as well. An order from Livingston Community Bakery isn’t just delicious baked goods made from scratch with ingredients sourced from local farmers and ranchers. Your purchases support food pantries around the state too.

Neptune’s Taphouse and Eatery

Sushi in a mountain town can be an unexpected option. But fresh ingredients and nods to local flavor rules the day at Neptune’s Taphouse and Eatery. In a nod to this restaurant’s origins with Neptune’s Brewery (even though the two are now separate entities), all the craft beers on tap are brewed in Montana. Expect menu items made from scratch and local ingredients wherever possible at this local spot run as a one-woman show.

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Stella’s Kitchen

Stella’s Kitchen is a meals-to-go staple in Livingston, bringing a menu of dishes made from scratch designed to feed families throughout the week. Pre-order your dishes, pick them up and take them with you to enjoy from your accommodation or home on wheels. This is an especially great option for RV travelers with their own kitchen to store and enjoy home-cooked meals on the road. But anyone can take advantage of their Stella’s lunch counter or Wednesday hot dinners.

Supporting local restaurants is a delicious way of incorporating regenerative practices into your travels. Finding accommodation that prioritizes sustainability can do even more for your trip. Explore Starry Night’s lodging offerings in and around Livingston to choose a regenerative stay at the gateway to Yellowstone.