Not Just for Bozeman Locals: The Main Street to the Mountains Trail


The Main Street to the Mountains Trail does exactly what it promises —connecting Bozeman’s classic Main Street to the Bridger Mountains. RVers can rejoice, since there’s no battling to squeeze your rig into tight parking lots, but you can still enjoy trail time. That means you can hop on your bike, skip the hassle of trailhead parking, and enjoy the famous college M Trail and beyond without ever having to turn a key or rev an engine. Here’s everything you need to know about the Main Street to the Mountains trail system.

What it’s Like

Much of the trail is paved or hard-packed dirt and gravel, so you’ll be happiest with a mountain bike over a road racer. But if you’re riding skinny tires, you can head to the trail map produced by the City of Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley Land Trust and filter for only paved options. Alternatively, if you’ve just invested in a mountain bike but aren’t feeling like tearing up a double black diamond single track just yet, you can select for unpaved trails and get a feel for dirt under your tires before you go wild.

Expect to see bikers, hikers, dogs, and families out and about enjoying the fresh Bozeman air. Just hail with a friendly “on your left” when you pass from behind, and give plenty of room while still exchanging a smile and a wave as you go by. Dog owners should be ready to pick up after their pooch, and respect on-leash areas.

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Where You Can Go

Though the name “Main Street to the Mountains” is especially appropriate now that the final segment of trail that leads up to the base of the Bridgers was completed in 2019, the network actually leads well beyond Main Street, connecting all corners of Bozeman by bike and foot. You can hop on the trail to get to areas around the center of town, or you can choose a section that gets you out into neighborhoods and residential areas. You can also explore Story Mill and Lindley Park for a dose of the outdoors without having to go far from the city center. This is a great way to get to the brewery or a prime sunset spot like Peets Hill.

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How to Find the Trail

The best thing about such an extensive trail network linking the town is that the path is pretty easy to find. The best place to start is with that interactive online trail map put out by GVLT and the City of Bozeman, which can help you find your route and get exploring. They even have a handy instructional video to help get you started with the virtual version. You can also pick up maps around town, so be sure to grab one if you spot them.

If you prefer to wander without a designated destination, you can also keep an eye out for the eye-catching Main Street to the Mountains trail signs to help with wayfinding. Just steer yourself in that direction, and see where your feet can take you.

Staying with Highline Adventures

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