RV Camping Accessory Must-Haves


When you head out in your RV, you can enjoy a slower, more sustainable way to travel while you spend ample time outside. And while RV camping tends to be more luxurious than roughing it in a tent, there are a few items that can make your trip even more fun and relaxing. So when you’re planning your next RV camping trip, stash a few of these must-haves in your storage compartment before you hit the road.

Pop-up tent with bug nets

You’re going camping to spend time outside, but sometimes a buggy or sunny environment can send you straight back into your camper. If you don’t want to spend as much time inside as you would at home, a pop-up tent with screens that zip down the sides can give you valuable outdoor space while still protecting you from the elements. You can even pitch it over your campsite’s picnic table to make a comfortable eating area, regardless of sun, rain or mosquitos.

Flagging or pool noodles for pop-outs

If your RV has pop-outs, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and make them really obvious. You can do this with high-visibility flagging, reflective strips, or even brightly colored pool noodles placed over the edges and corners. This will save your head from bonks and can keep your camper safe from passing cars if your site butts up against a tight camp road.

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Leveling blocks

This one seems like a no-brainer, but when you’re first heading out on an RV trip, don’t forget your leveling blocks. Sometimes the dream site along the creek or with the most shade isn’t as level as you’d like. But that doesn’t need to keep you from a flat night’s sleep if you come prepared.

Extra power bank

Even if you’re staying in an electric site, having a portable power bank with you can boost your camping quality of life. If you’re working on the road or charging up your devices, a power bank can give you the freedom to do that anywhere, even away from your rig. And if you roll up to a campground to find only dry sites available, you can still power up and enjoy your stay.

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Plug converter

Be sure to pack a 30 to 50 amp and a 50 to 30 amp power converter for your shore power plug-in. This will let you charge up and plug in anywhere in a pinch. It’s those little extra tools that can turn things around when not all goes as planned.

Nitrile gloves

For dump station stops, don’t leave hygiene to chance. Stashing a box of nitrile gloves (and some hand sanitizer) with your dump hose can make the experience a lot less gross. Enough said.

Outdoor lights

Campfires cast some evening ambiance around your site. But bringing along outdoor lights can help keep you from tripping over things while still setting the mood for relaxation, regardless of any fire restrictions in the area. Add in a string of twinkle lights to your storage area, or grab a few solar power stake lights to line a pathway to your front door, no matter where you park.

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