Sustainable Travel Gear Must-Haves


There are more ways to travel sustainably as brands, businesses and individuals make the move toward a greener future. And there are plenty of ways, big and small, to get there. An easy place to start is with your travel gear, clothing, and accessories. Take a look at a few of these must-haves for sustainable travel gear.

Reusable Cutlery and Straws

When you’re traveling, eating out and grabbing food to go can lead to unwanted waste as disposable plastic forks, spoons and straws add up. By getting your own reusable cutlery set to carry in your pack or purse, you can help cut down on plastics in the landfill and save local spots on the cost of giving out another throwaway set.

Water Bottle with Filter

With water bottle fill stations all over the place, there’s almost no excuse for buying packaged water anymore. And with bottles featuring built-in water filters, arguments that support single-use in favor of flavor or cleanliness go out the window, too. Options like the insulated one from Lifestraw even keep drinks cool.

											 sewing kit with thread, pins, scissors and buttons

Sewing Kit

Nothing says sustainability like repairing items as they wear instead of tossing them in the trash. On a hard day of outdoor adventures, it’s normal to be tough on your gear. Bring along a packable mending kit so you can fix up any tears on the road, saving the life of your clothes and gear for extra years. Replacing buttons and stitching up rips might not seem like the biggest uppercut as an earth warrior, but think of all the shirts, jackets, socks and hats that could be fixed instead of discarded.

Earth-Loving Brands

When it is time to buy new gear, you can help the planet by picking brands that have an earth-loving mission. Since 85% of textiles get thrown out in the US, shopping with clothing companies that have made commitments to recycling and better business practices. Patagonia takes on a number of waste reducing projects, like their line Worn Wear and their repair program. Cotopaxi is known for being a certified B Corporation, balancing purpose and profit. Another option for sustainable gear and clothing is to buy used. Visit your local second hand sports store or shop the used section at REI for gently used goods that would otherwise end up in a land

											 reusable tote bag

Multi-Use Tote Bag

Single-use plastic grocery sacks can get the boot when you bring your own reusable tote. Especially when you’re traveling, having a bag you can cart around from grocery store to souvenir shop and back to the hotel will make your life easier and help you save single-use plastics from the landfill.

Personal Coffee Mug or Thermos

Coffee and tea fuel adventures, so keep your drink hot or cold with an insulated mug, and keep extra paper cups and plastic lids from getting thrown in the trash. When you visit a local coffee shop on your trip, ask the barista to fill your reusable mug instead of a disposable cup. For coffee addicts, that can save well over 300 cups a year from getting chucked in the trash.

Refillable Toiletry Bottles

More and more hotels are ditching the individually packaged toiletries in favor of options that take a little less packaging. You can do the same. Instead of buying toiletries from the travel section at the store, spring for some good quality refillable bottles you can fill up with your own soap and shampoos. By reducing waste and thinking refillable, you can support sustainability across your daily life, whether at home or on the road.

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