What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Kauai?


Kauai tantalizes visitors year round. And with a tropical climate, you can explore the leafy green of the Garden Isle in any month of the year. Even so, there are pros and cons to visiting in different seasons. If you’re looking for sunshine and good deals, your best time to visit is going to look a little different than someone who is chasing big surf. Here are the best times to visit Kauai, depending on what allure of the island draws you most strongly.

For good weather

April and May are the best months to book if you’re hoping for good weather. Fall can have beautiful weather, but you also have some unpredictability as hurricane season rolls in. Winter tends to be greyer, rainier, and more stormy. So even though average lows don’t usually dip below the mid 60s, then grey can cut into your sunbathing and hiking time. On the flip side, summer is sunny with average highs in the 80s, but with the added crowds of summer vacations. That makes spring some of the most consistent weather you can get with reduced crowds. Of course, with a year-round tropical climate, Kauai welcomes visitors warmly in any month of the year.

For few crowds

If you’re hoping for lower lodging rates, more rental car availability, and more rooms for rent, April, May and early June, or September to November, are your best bets. These times of year avoid the peak crowds of summer travelers and December holiday visits. And you still can enjoy some beautiful weather too. This is the time for deal shopping, and anyone visiting from a four-season climate can soak up the tropical sea breeze and warm surf on the way into or out of winter.

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For big surf

Winter is the time of year for monster waves on Kauai’s north shore. With weather systems that pound the rocks and sand, you can sometimes see the record-setting swells. We’re talking 25 to 30 feet, and up. Of course, this means winter might not be the best time to plan your beginner surf trip, since you’ll have more options for spots in the mellower waters of summer. But if big waves are your goal, the season typically peaks in January.

For a winter getaway

Winter in Kauai is the rainy season on the island. And December tends to be the busiest, and most expensive, month to visit. But even a rainy day here is a lot nicer than winter just about anywhere else, with temperatures still in the 70s Fahrenheit. If you’re hoping for a winter getaway, skip December and opt for January or February instead. You’ll avoid those holiday crowds and can take advantage of lower prices for activities and amenities. Besides, visiting in the off season helps promote sustainable tourism across the island.

When you’re ready for your Kauai getaway, regardless of the season, a vacation rental can offer a more sustainable stay. Take a look at properties from Highline Adventures to snag a spot that will get you onto the beach in style.

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