Where to Eat in Butte, MT


Butte, Montana, is a town at the crossroads of history and the present day. Its cultural variety and unique landscape where the natural world and the mining industry meet make an invigorating experience for any visitor or resident. And that begins (though it does not end) with the food. From down-home eats at the slot machine to a white tablecloth atmosphere with elegant plating, you can find just about any cuisine in Butte. Here are a few of our favorite spots to grab a bite, a mile high and a mile deep.

The Hummingbird Cafe

With plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on the menu, the brightly colored interior and high-octane local coffee at the Hummingbird Cafe aren’t the only things that will give you a fresh start in the morning. Enjoy eating your way through their breakfast, lunch, and brunch choices with fresh ingredients and hearty, healthy options.

Sparky’s Garage Butte

With one location in Butte and another a few miles down the road in Dillon, it’s safe to call Sparky’s Garage a Southwest Montana favorite. Wings, lugnutz (deep-fried wontons), fried pickles, and other bar bites flesh out the menu at this bar and grill. With the game playing and keno at the casino, this is the perfect laid-back sports bar feel.


With homegrown BBQ and other big flavors, Zobaney’s brings together the mash of cultural heritage that owners Mike and Cyndi Mullaney share between them. And if you’re on the go, you can grab some take-and-bake dishes or a jar of Butte-bottled BBQ sauce to bring with you.

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Casagranda’s Steakhouse

Like so many spots in Butte, the backdrop for Casagranda’s Steakhouse is a historic warehouse from 1900. And the legendary status of this restaurant is built on a long history of Montana ranching, which you can taste in every bite of beef. While their name implies the specialty of steak, Casagranda’s holds a varied menu, ranging from the eponymous steaks to sushi, pasta, and more.

Uptown Cafe

This is where the white tablecloth experience meets fresh ingredients and intricately constructed menu items from Uptown Cafe. Make your reservations for a four-course dinner with a rotating menu that embraces seasonal produce and enticing flavors.

Pekin Noodle Parlor

There’s history, and then there’s history like you’ll find it behind Pekin Noodle Parlor. This is the country’s oldest Chinese restaurant (continuously operating and family-owned, that is), and the family-owned place has seen its share of ruffians, ladies of the night, and hard-up miners in all its days since 1911. Flash forward to the present, and you can still find all the classics served up right.

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North 46°

The lunch spot to fuel any big Butte adventures, North 46° Bistro dishes up a roster of signature sandwiches to keep your feet pounding the trail or the pavement in pursuit of fun. The space is relaxed mountain style, and the baked goods hit hard. The food is fresh, and it fills you up for whatever your day holds.

Eating locally is one of the best ways to sprinkle some sustainability into your travels. With locally sourced ingredients and money helping out the nearby economy, not to mention a whole helping of deliciousness, you can’t go wrong. The next step is to find the perfect place to cozy up for the night and sleep off your food coma. Check out nearby Starry Night Lodging properties, like the Butte KOA Journey, for your best night’s sleep in Butte, America.