Whitewater Rafting Near Yellowstone


For adventure lovers, a whitewater rafting trip makes the perfect addition to a Yellowstone vacation. Feel the rush of wild whitewater under the raft, and enjoy the camaraderie and thrill that comes with a group paddle. Here’s how to best enjoy your Yellowstone whitewater rafting trip. As you begin planning your next adventure for the summer, rafting trips like these are thrill-seeking, memory-making, time-of-your-life excursions into the wild parts of Big Sky Country.

The River to Raft

As the only undammed river in the Lower 48, the Yellowstone River is 692 miles of Swiftwater fun running through Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. You’ll love making your way down this river amidst the pristine wilderness just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Gardiner Outfitters

These Gardiner-area outfitters offer whitewater rafting on one of the most fun rivers in the world. Learn a bit more about them, and start planning your dream whitewater rafting trip.

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Montana Whitewater

Montana Whitewater welcomes kids ages 6 and up on their Yellowstone River rafting trips, and the whole family would love combining a raft excursion with their epic zipline course. Get the best of both with their famous Zip and Dip package.

Yellowstone Raft Company

Yellowstone Raft Company has been around since 1978, and they hold the honor of being the first raft company to take trips down the Yellowstone.

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Paradise Adventure Company

Paradise Adventure Company brings you the whole package, with fishing, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting trips on class II and III rapids of the Yellowstone, with several options for length and time on the water.

Wild West Whitewater Rafting

Join the Wild West river family for a whitewater trip down the Yellowstone. This is a company owned by former raft guides, so you know the river culture runs strong with this crew.

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Flying Pig Adventure Company

Small groups make for an exciting and intimate adventure with Flying Pig Adventure Company. They also offer horseback excursions and Yellowstone tours. They’re all about making the impossible possible; you know, when pigs fly.

What to Bring

Most outfitters will provide just about all the gear you need, including helmet, wetsuit, life jacket, and paddle. Under a wetsuit, it’s a good idea to wear a wool or fleece base layer for warmth, since those materials stay warm even when wet. If the weather is warm enough to withstand a little soaking, you may not even need to suit up.

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What to Expect

When you make your reservation, your raft company of choice will give you a rundown of where to meet and what to bring. When you arrive on the day, be sure to come prepared with whatever gear or clothes and shoes they recommend and be ready for an exciting undertaking.

The rafting company will handle the shuttle situation and get you to your starting point. Once they’ve prepped you and oriented you for safety and expectations, you’ll get outfitted with your gear and your paddle. Expect to follow the raft guide’s instructions on how and when to paddle, but don’t worry—there’s no experience required. They’ll guide you through the rapids and make sure you have a ton of fun in the process.

At the end of the day, get ready for a hearty Montana meal and your beverage of choice back in Gardiner, the perfect way to cap off an adrenaline-fueled day.

These are just a few great ways to find your next adventure near Yellowstone National Park. Contact us if you have any questions as you plan your upcoming trips.