Regenerative Tourism is the next level in sustainable travel. It seeks to balance the economics of tourism with the well-being of our communities and natural resources.

This new ideal focuses on attracting visitors with greater awareness and appreciation of the places they are visiting and providing them with opportunities to experience destinations in a way that is contributory and beneficial to visitors and residents alike. We encourage our guests to leave each destination better than they found it.

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The topic of regenerative travel was even broached in a New York Times article in August 2020, which discussed how many destinations used the pandemic decline of tourists to begin an emphasis on regenerative practices. Many popular destinations like Hawaii have been vulnerable to overtourism, which while beneficial economically, is not sustainable for the islands in the long term. This practice calls for a rebalancing of the industry and putting more emphasis on preserving these beautiful destinations so that future generations can enjoy them.

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For example, when you visit our Bozeman lodging option, you can participate in the Be Good to Bozeman program by collecting a visitor volunteer packet from the front desk. This packet includes gloves and trash bags to assist you in cleaning up local trails while you enjoy the area’s beauty.

If you visit one of our Kauai vacation rentals, you can engage in some Mālama Ku‘u Home (care for our beloved home) in partnership with the Hawai’i Tourism Authority. They’ve created a Ma‘ema‘e Toolkit filled with valuable information for preserving Hawaiian culture and the islands. It is a unique resource that will better help you understand the importance of regenerative tourism to preserving the Hawaiian way of life.

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