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KOA Butte

Discover the Native Plant Garden at KOA Journey Butte, where you can engage in interactive activities. Learn about native plants' importance, forage on-site, and "farm to table" opportunities. Designed with community input, it's a hub for education, conservation, and collaboration.

Partner with Montana Native Wellness Center

Use our community garden as a "farm to table " native plant & nutrition edutainment activities onsite.

Foraging for Native plants - Montana Native Plant Society

Scavenger hunt on area around property and Identification

Partnered with Our Kitchen Nonprofit

Healthy Cooking in the RV Kitchen

The initial phase of our program will focus on establishing a native plant garden and water catchment system with headframe design elements.

This garden aims to showcase native plant species and emphasize their ecological significance. We have received design expertise from local Silver Bow Landscape Architect, Meghan Terry, in collaboration with the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program. Furthermore, we benefit from guidance provided by the Native Plant Society and Montana Tech students, overseen by Dr. Robert Pal. In addition, local Boy Scout Troop, led by Troop Leader Tina King, will contribute input and participate in various activities. These partnerships have been instrumental in expanding our opportunities, and we intend to integrate more educational and entertaining activities through these connections.

During the summer of 2022, we established a vegetable garden on the premises and established connections with the Butte Food Co-op for potential future marketplace endeavors.

We also reached out to various local nonprofit organizations to inform them of our plans to host activities promoting environmental conservation, critical thinking, and collaborative engagement on our grounds. Additionally, we engaged with the Biological Sciences Department of Montana Tech and enthusiastically participated in their native planting initiative at the Butte Hill Restoration Site in October.