6 Simple Ways to Engage in Regenerative Tourism Practices


The ecosystem of regenerative tourism has grown in recent years as more and more people prioritize making the destinations and places where they live better. Regenerative practices go beyond sustainability, seeking to actively improve a place through relationships between visitors and the communities and natural spaces they visit. Sounds like a great way to travel, right? Here are a few simple ways to engage in regenerative tourism practices on your next trip.

Participate in a volunteer day

As a traveler, signing up as a volunteer for the day is a great way to learn more, give back, and practice regenerative tourism during a trip. Options like beach cleanups, river cleanups, or trail work days can all get you outside and engaged with the environment in your destination. If you’re not able to find a volunteer opportunity during your stay, consider donating to conservation efforts or local programs to help families in need.

Learn about the local environment and culture

Educating yourself can go a long way towards helping you protect the areas you visit. Attend a ranger talk, watch a webinar on local flora before you arrive, or peruse a visitor center where you can learn from displays and get answers from staff. Wherever you can find guide companies and tours led by indigenous groups to get a holistic perspective. Then, take what you learn to enhance your experience and understanding of the place you’re visiting. And while you’re at it, you can incorporate Leave No Trace principles when spending time in natural areas and beyond.

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Explore with less impact

Take to foot or pedal power to reduce your impact as a traveler. If it’s an option, rent a bike to explore the town or local trails. Ebikes can be a more accessible and still environmentally friendly option. Sign up for a guided hike, and leave your car behind for the day while you hoof it through a downtown area. This helps reduce emissions and gives you a deeper look into a destination at the same time.

Keep yourself informed

There’s always more we can do and deeper ways to connect as we travel. Stay informed on the latest regenerative tourism practices, and challenge yourself to keep them at the top of your mind as you plan trips into the future.

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Support local businesses

Locally owned businesses are the lifeblood of communities. As a visitor, spending your dollars wisely by shopping and dining locally wherever you can will help those small towns and gateway communities to flourish.

Choose your accommodation wisely

Accommodation is often one of the largest portions of a trip budget, second only to transportation. Hotels have historically been responsible for a large amount of waste in the hospitality industry. So make your travels more regenerative by choosing lodging that prioritizes regenerative tourism, too.

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