7 Opportunities to Practice Regenerative Tourism on Your Next Trip


The concept of regenerative tourism, or making the areas you visit better as you travel, is nothing new. But as the term has gained traction in recent years, it can leave travelers excited but unsure of how to best practice regenerative tourism as they move through the world. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired for regenerative travel on your next trip.

Make your packing list regenerative

Regenerative tourism builds on a base of sustainability. Choose intentionality with your packing, and stick to reusables for water bottles and cutlery, choosing clothing items sourced responsibly where you can. Buying used gear can be a great way to save money and support sustainability at the same time. You don’t have to wait to travel to live a regenerative lifestyle.

Get to know your destination

Before you even lock your front door behind you, start diving into your destination. Go beyond where the nearest supermarket is to your hotel and really learn about the culture and indigenous groups that call your destination home. A good place to start is Native Land Digital, an interactive map that can help you identify the homelands of indigenous tribes as you journey around the world.

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Shop local for souvenirs and dining

Your money has power in small gateway communities. Just because it’s quick to grab a bite at a big chain when you’re on the go doesn’t mean you couldn’t be doing more with your dollars. Seek out locally owned eateries, and browse shops on Main Street rather than in strip malls.

Take the initiative with tours

Wherever you can seek out tour opportunities that do more than just introduce visitors to a place. Maybe you take a Sun Tour in Glacier National Park and learn more about native culture in the area while supporting a business owned by Ed and his wife Toni, who are members of the Blackfeet and Assiniboine Sioux tribes. Or in Kauai, you might tour with Makana Charters and Tours, a native Hawaiian–owned business.

Engage in citizen science

If you are interested in the natural world, your observations have the power to help scientists gather data. Apps and websites like eBird, iNaturalist, GLOBE Observer and Project Noah let you get involved, no matter where in the world you are. And sites like Zooniverse could help you learn about an area before you even visit, depending on which projects you contribute to. When you log data through one of these citizen science apps or websites, you can help researchers understand migration movements, ecology, changes, and behavior in ways that can have a big impact.

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Seek out voluntourism opportunities

This might mean signing up for a volunteer day with a local trails association when your travels take you backpacking in Yellowstone, or you might sign up for a beach cleanup in Kauai. Just be sure to do your due diligence and research when you look into opportunities to help out on your travels.

Book lodging with intention

Your accommodation can be one of the biggest costs of your trip. That’s why it pays to find a place to stay that centers on the same values you’re embracing in your travels. Let your money do the most it can. Look for a lodging option that prioritizes regenerative tourism as well, and you can do good in more ways than one.

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