Starry Night offers a unique repertoire of vacation rentals in each of these incredible locations.

Our family has handpicked every rental, and all are close to water-based recreation. As ski/snowboard instructors, river guides, and avid snorkelers, water has meant so much to us as the giver of life and the source of most of our fun family activities. The lifecycle of water – from snow to rivers, lakes, and oceans – brings countless opportunities for recreation and serenity throughout the year.

Our vacation rentals in Montana and Hawaii will connect you to this life-giving resource and its surrounding playgrounds. Each is a gateway to experiences like riding on glittering powdery snow, rafting through whitewater rapids, paddle-boarding on a glass-like lake, and snorkeling in crystal-clear ocean waters. These experiences allow one to enjoy the water experience and the amazing plant and animal life surrounding it.